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Dec 13 | 4:08pm ]
well.. I moved home again. :( I feel like such a failure. At least Chip is with my but I can tell my parents aren't too happy about it. I don't wanna go into details but I hope things get better. I am so tired of being depressed. Is counseling expensive. I feel that I need to do it for myself before I get too upset and do something dumb... any suggestions?
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Pics of Chip and Carlsbad [Saturday
Dec 10 | 8:43pm ]
Hope you don't mind all the picsCollapse )
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Nov 16 | 10:47am ]
Just wanted to let everyone know that it really hurts to rip your belly button ring. I had to go to the doctor and he put me on some antibiotics because I took the barbell out and it started to heal an infection inside. Right now it is VERY swollen and looks really nasty- I hope it goes away!
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Jun 20 | 7:42am ]

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Jun 06 | 2:36pm ]
CHIPCollapse )
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May 31 | 8:06am ]
I just wanted to put up some pics of Flip that I took the day that I got him. These were taken before he showed any signs of being sick. It's not fair that my little angel had to go so soon!

Bless His HeartCollapse )
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May 17 | 9:34am ]
[ mood | crushed ]

So the puppy is mine and I have had him for 4 days. He has caused me so much heartache already. I love him to death.
On Sunday I noticed he was acting kind of funny so sean and I called the emergency vet and took him right in. The nurse came out and told us to prepare to go home alone because things weren't looking too good for him. His blood sugar level was so low that when they tested it- it didn't even show anything. They did blood work, tons of tests and gave him an IV. About 30 minutes later they brought him out and said things were improving but he was still in critical conditions and they didn't know what was wrong with him. They gave him a parvo test and that came out negative so we felt alot better about it. They held him for about 3 hours until they thought he was very stable- stable enough to come home. They found some kind of bacteria in his stools but couldn't really identify where he got it from and what it was exactly. They put him on 2 antibiotics and some perscription food. He came home that night and everything seemed to be extremely better. Sean took him back to the vet because we are having problems getting him to eat or drink. His gums are really pale which is not a good sign.
so please... if everyone could keep my precious FLIP in your prayers and thoughts I would really appreciate it. I love him so much and I just want him to get better :(

::::EDIT:::: Flip is fine.. the vet said he was taken from his mother too soon and that's what is causing him to have a loss of appetite. We have to buy some puppy milk and some different kind of food that he ate up really quick. We have to make sure that he eats alot because he has lost 6 ounces in 2 weeks. He now weighs 1 lb 4 oz. So hopefully we won't have any more vet bills. please still keep him in your prayers!

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Chihuahua pics [Thursday
May 12 | 9:30am ]
Image hosted by

Image hosted by

If everything goes smoothly.. He will be mine!!
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Moving Day [Friday
Apr 22 | 1:33pm ]
So actually I am moving out today. Sean is just about to go sign the lease and then at that point we can move in. The keys will be ours in just a little over an hour! I can't wait!
Me and Shara went and robbed boxes from liquor store trash cans last night. If that wasn't a blast. Then we went to Wal-Mart and we saw jessica peterson. She was cracked out or something because her eyes looked really funny. Just made me wonder. Then I turned around and she was gone.. didn't even say bye! Oh well I didn't really wanna talk to her anyway.
So back to packing- I was up until midnight last night and I had to get up at 6. I am really feeling that now. I have no energy and it makes it even worse to know that I have another long night ahead of me. All I know is that it better not be like last year where me and Sean went shopping at Wal-Mart at 3 in the morning. That was FUN! And what made it worse was that my car was dead and not running at Fargo's and we were in someone else's truck that we were supposed to take back way earlier that day. But we are in a far better situation this time.
I guess Sean's buddy, Chad, is going to be helping him move the furniture into the house. I am glad because last year I was no help at all and all that we got accomplished when I tried to help was him yelling at me. I am a weakling- I know! I will update after he signs!

:::::::EDIT::::::: It's ours. He signed the lease and he has the keys. I haven't even seen it yet but he said it's so nice. I can't wait to see it. I have an hour until I get off and then I get to see it!
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Apr 18 | 11:45am ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So yesterday American Furniture called. Our furniture is in! So we are having it delivered to Sean's uncles house for the time being. Sean has already put some money down on the rent for may. I was going to wait until june to move in but he wants me to move in now. He will already be paying for the full month of may and he just wants to get all the moving in done at the same time so I will be moving out again real soon. I really can't wait this time. I told him today that at least this time it feels real. It's not something we jumped into. We also bought a really big shelf to put all our dvds and stuff on. It's really nice and it was only 30 bucks. So as soon as we get moved in and settled I will take pictures and post!

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Apr 07 | 1:43pm ]
Wasson just keeps getting itself in the news. This is about a teacher I never had but I always heard good things about her. This makes me sick! Click Here-Nasty!
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Mar 24 | 8:08am ]

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Mar 23 | 2:40pm ]
I just bought some new clothes. All from American Eagle.. I would post them all but they don't have pics of everything- how does that work?
hereCollapse )
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Mar 23 | 2:15pm ]
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Mar 22 | 3:34pm ]
[ mood | anxious ]

I just had a quick thought.. if your friend's lips were really chapped and they asked you to bring them some chapstick.. wouldn't you? I know that I would. Just wondering!

Poor Sean is so sick. He's better today but last week it was me and now it's him. I gave him my disease! LoL

I am so done listening to country music. They play the same 20 songs on here all day.
ooh. I have these security kinda cameras that I have to watch while I am here at work and there are these two bugs playing on the lens but it looks like they are gonna do it! LoL.

Tabitha's computer has a really bad infection. I hope she gets it to the doctor or something cuz it keeps having seizures!

Don't know what else to write

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Mar 11 | 2:15pm ]
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Feb 18 | 8:40am ]
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Feb 15 | 9:50am ]
[ mood | hungry ]

So I hope that everyone had a good Valentine's Day. It just seemed like any other day to me. Me and Sean didn't do anything out of the ordinary. It makes me feel like we are one of those old couples that don't celebrate any holiday at all. Haha. Wait that really is us. I get paid today and yet I will have no money to show for it. 260 for my car payment. 120 for car insurance. 140 for health insurance. 55 for my cell phone bill. That pretty much drains me to about 15 for gas, food, oh yeah and to pay off all the money I owe on all my credit cards. Shit I hate pay day. LoL.
But other than that... works sucks. It's the most boring 8 hours of my day and then I get to do it five days a week. I guess this is the real world. Oh well. I hope life gets better.

mmm.. I wish it was somebody's birthday. I want some birthday cake! LoL!

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Feb 11 | 3:58pm ]
[ mood | crazy ]

It's Friday and I almost off for the weekend! This is my favorite time of the week. Cause I get to sleep in and I can do whatever I want.
Me and Sean are gonna go look at furniture and then off to the apartments we are gonna move into. We also have been searching ALL day for a chihuahua breeder in Colorado. If we don't find one here we will pay for shipping but hopefully everything goes okay and we will be getting a chihuahua here soon. They are so cute!

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Jan 17 | 10:19am ]
WoW! Has it been forever? Well I am just sitting at work and thought I would catch up on this thing. First things first- why does everyone seem to have something to say about my life? I have a job, pay my own bills, and I have lived on my own... paid for everything. I don't see how my life should be any concern to anyone except for me. I have a car, yes something some have yet to get AND I PAY FOR IT. I also pay for the gas and anything that goes into it. So tell me why everyone is so called " looking down " on me? Because I didn't want to go to a damned high school football game? If that's what it is all about then I am so glad I didn't go. Because as far as I remember I graduated from high school nearly 2 years ago. And also, how is anyone going to say ANYTHING as far as my relationship with Sean or with anyone for that matter? You can't judge what you haven't had! That's all I have to say about that!
I have a new job and if you aren't aware of that then evidentally I don't want you to know.
Life is good.
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